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End 1 Million+ yearly deaths on roads. Here's How >

Turn your
smartphone into
a road accident

Let's Not Meet By Accident

Alice is a traffic-aware smartphone app which scans the road around you and instantly alerts you to dangers.

Alice uses artificial intelligence to help ensure her phone users never run into each other by accident.


Jenny's on the Scene.

Let's face it, Jenny lives for attention, so Alice really lights her up. Alice is her outrider, alerting traffic ahead that a motorbike is coming right along. That gives Jenny max visibility and helps keep her toned body all in one piece. We'll be seein' 'ya, Jenny.


Mike's Heartstopper

Mike briefly took his eyes off the road. A fraction later the car in front of him unexpectedly braked. Before he even realized the Alice App said: "Emergency Brake!" His knuckles went white as he shed speed. "Hey, nice reactions," said Alice.


Linda's Wandering Man

Linda was driving home late when a dark figure walking the road loomed in her headlights. No problem. Alice had already warned Linda to slow for a wandering pedestrian ahead. Lucky Miss Linda.


Ray's Got A Slick Operator

Ray gives Alice his phone when driving. Her Operator Mode can take and make calls on his voice command. Ray is social media mad. Alice can speak his incoming texts and even sends his tweets by voice. "Pretty slick," says Ray. And pretty safe too.


Paul's New Passion Wagon

What a dream 21st present for a car-loving man! Paul's Dynamic Insurance is based on his actual travel and driving. And because Alice just loves Paul's road craft it's a Super Car for Mr. Safe! 

rta0 Quick Facts

rta0 envisions intelligent road networks using smartphones, in association with national road safety bodies, motor insurers and technology firms. The rta0 assistant offers live safety warnings using AI software built to a critical infrastructure standard.

As things are, drivers can experience the rewarding thrill of rule-breaking with only a slight chance of well-delayed puinishment. A pattern which persists until one day punishment comes immediately, perhaps fatally and too late. Alice shortens that feedback loop. She gets upset, like, now!

So when you voluntarily team with Alice, she keeps you on an even keel. She purrs when you excel at driving. Get on her bad side and she'll ground you for a night -or worse! But Alice is always politely looking out for you, so we know you two will never fall out.

Typical motor insurance is an attempt to predict in advance the risk a driver poses, based on their record and experience using acturial ratings. With rta0's Alice, you only pay for the actual risk exposure incurred by
you. Charges vary depending on time of day; risk profile of the roads driven; traffic volume; driver safety record, experience and ability. Leading to fairer and substantially lower insurance premiums -yet generous returns on investment capital at risk.

Alice protects your right to privacy with an architecture which makes it impossible to track the movement of individual vehicles which are not an
imminent threat to other road users. Drive at high speed in a restricted speed zone and you'll be tracked. Drive normally and you are invisible.

Alice is under development, so register your email here and top the queue to try in your area when available. We'll also keep you posted periodically.

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 End 1 Million+ annual deaths roads. Here's How >

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