Kathy McMahon: A Life Cut Short


Early in 2018, Kathy McMahon wrote a seminal blog post here on rta0.  

Just months later she passed away unexpectedly in May while visiting her daughter in Geneva. A great loss to family, friends and myself as her partner of twenty years.

Back in 1996 a tragic road accident took the life of Kathy’s son Justin. Her own injuries were partially disabling and the lasting effects had cut short her life at the age of just sixty three years.

In the months following her demise I was unable to progress the rta0 initiative, but I’m pleased to say the rta0 project will launch in Summer 2019.  Before Kathy’s untimely death I had lobbied key players; met with and briefed the Irish Road Safety Authority; and made multinational contacts. I found a welcoming response to the rta0 concept.

It’s time to take this public and gather the resources to get it done.  I will launch a phased roll out plan which delivers quick benefits and then builds towards the final product.

Road safety professionals and people whose lives have been touched by road fatality or serious injury are vital constituencies at this stage. We know how important it is to prevent tragic outcomes which end lives and destroy potential.

Last year, an industry insider told me the rta0 project was perfectly timed.  Fate engineered a year delay. You can’t argue with celestial timing. Perhaps now is perfect after all.

It’s time. This technology already in our hands can be harnessed to save many lives and prevent countless disabling injuries. I hope you will join us on Facebook or Twitter; advocate for this mission; spread the word and help make it all happen.

Life and Death in a Rear View Mirror 

by Kathy McMahon, Team Zero Advocate

July 1995, DublinI came back to consciousness still inside the car, with harsh fumes permeating the air around me. It took a few moments for me to get my bearings.

Then I remembered what I had been doing moments before this – driving on the Belgard Road with my two wonderful sons in the car.  My last memory was seeing in the rear view mirror a car from behind come towards me at speed… READ ON:  >>

Life and Death in a Rear View Mirror

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