Brexit Fallout

Behind the scenes we’re making great progress, but we got caught up in the  Brexit fiasco. How?!? Because the US-based software firm behind our planned launch of an app called “Drivemode” has suspended EU operations due to legal copyright uncertainty until the UK situation resolves. So frustrating, but at least they pulled it just -before- our planned Sept., 2019 launch -rather than pulling it just after!

Drivemode is a smartphone driver safety app which handles incoming and outgoing calls, texts and social messages – using voice control and extra-large icons. See the promo video:

Drivemode is the best product globally at this and an ideal app to begin to change phones from a driving liability to a potential benefit via Alice. Of course, it is still available is the U.S. So, over the next month we will either go with a US launch or get some news on getting the EU side back on track. Stay tuned……